Under are all the original as good as NEW TOGO seating modules by Ligne Roset we can offer you or will find for you.

Click on one of the the TOGO icons and you will discover the choices of upholstery for the module you selected,

All the modules accommodate the same fabric or leather options so you can assemble complete sets in the same or in our different signature leather or our stainfree, durable fabrics, you can mix freely.

Remember that we only have these as good as new TOGO's re-upholster in the fabric or leather of your choice.

We do NOT have ready upholstered TOGO's in stock, We get you the original foams in as good as new condition, cleaned, disinfected and upholstered.

 You are in complete control of your dream TOGO or TOGO set, It will be assembled and upholstered to your demand, wishes and desire.