The services we offer as an independent agency consist of several unique steps:

1) We receive your order via the e-platform, payments wil be handled by STRIPE payment gateway. Once we have received your order and payment you will recieve the digital payment slip and we will issue an Order Confirmation by email.

2) We search on order from you "our customers". We work with Bellalu they are experts in finding expensive Ligne Roset "TOGO" seatings designed by French designer Michel Ducaroy. Bellalu can find this via their unique network of French specialists and trained web hunters. They search for, test and check the TOGO models requested by our customers. They have pro-actively been purchasing some  of our  most wanted "Togo by Ligne Roset" for years. They have some stock on hand, ready to reupholster in one of their fabrics or leathers of your choice.


​3) In order to get these pre-loved TOGO's in to  "as new condition", Bellalu partner with the most experienced and highly qualified TOGO upholsterer SERGES P. He is a skilled craftsman that has proven year after year that he can get the TOGO's by Ligne Roset they find, in "as good as new" or "better than new" condition. This specialist respects 100% the original sewing patterns and the original assembly techniques, used by Ligne Roset for optimal comfort. He recuperates the original "Ligne Roset" Label or Pin so they can be re-attached. He uses new plain breathable fabrics for the bottom deckings and new high quality zippers so your TOGO will stay good for years to come. He keeps the old dirty original used "Ligne Roset" bottom decking as authenticity proof, but does not re-use them to reupholster the TOGO for obvious quality reasons.

4) Bellalu only lets their Master upholsterer, with tons of experience in upholstering TOGO seating Ligne Roset, SERGES P. use their unique stain free durable fabrics or their signature natural full grain cognac or black leather This way the customer / applicant obtains exactly what they have requested. You will get as good as new delivered at a much lower price, as determined and agreed in advance.


5) Logistics like stocking, packaging and delivery is handled by our trusted network of 3rd party logistic companies.

 You as a customer don’t have to do anything, getzim will keep you posted on progress.

Our experience tought us that we can get your order finished within 6 to 10 weeks or faster.

With COVID-19 nothing is certain anymore but we always do the best we can and will report to you if there are any unusual delays.

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Hans Mills - Bellalu