Choose any of the fabrics and colors below to suit your "Ligne Roset Togo"  

We offer a wide choice of the best available seating fabrics to upholster a TOGO Ligne Roset.

Our experience taught us that a "TOGO Ligne Roset" is very difficult to clean if you are not using special STAIN FREE  fabrics.

The DURABLE fabrics we use are easely hand washable without having to remove the TOGO cover.

Once you remove a TOGO Ligne Roset fabric cover to wash or clean it , you will need the help of a specialist upholsterer with expert knowledge and experience to re-assemble the TOGO correctly.

Impossible to do if you are not a TOGO specialist upholsterer. That is the reason why we selected our


If no fabric of the Togo we listed with pictures on the product pages suits you?  

We explain you how to proceed if you would like another fabric/color then listed in the shop.

The prices of all the TOGOs upholstered in one of our FABRICS are the same.

That allows you to just click on a FABRIC TOGO module or a TOGO set in the product shop and write in the note @ the checkout which type of fabric and what color you want.

The type of FABRIC has a name and the color of that type of fabric has a color number & a colour name.

Collaboration between Bellalu & Serges P. Master TOGO Upholsterer known from 

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